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Active value creation

62 active projects on real estate investment

Global asset management services

Our research driven, value-added philosophy is supported by a demonstrated track record of active value creation and repositioning capabilities on every specific sector across the real estate market. Our proficient team of professionals put together a strong combination of real estate, investment and asset management experience.

Today, Global Interests has different funds under management, Club Deals and Joint Venture partnerships with top international investors and Family Office, providing asset management services to different clients through our offices in Balearic Islans and Partners throughout the World.


Assistance in strategic real estate decision-making by means of the comprehensive analysis of available options. Particularly noteworthy is our consultancy advice on asset optimization processes, analysis of real estate debt and transactions which are highly complex in financial-real estate terms.


With 20 years experience and a multitude of Assets in the Retail, Industrial, Residential and Hotel Sectors, currently under management. We can mold and adapt to any of our Clients Investment needs and always in a Fair and Balanced manner for all parties involved.


Consultancy advice on investment and divestment projects for all types of real estate assets and portfolios through the provision of highly qualified financial, technical and real estate advice.

Thanks to our experience in many significant sales processes, we are key advisers both for national and international investors.


Advice to real estate companies on strategic decision-making for all types of corporate transactions, as well as on the design of the financing structures for real estate projects.

By means of continual contract with the market, we have wide-ranging experience in the identification and performance of corporate transactions.


We have high level access to the majority of the National and International Banking Institutions with the ability and Know How to negotiate and provide optimal Financial Gearing for all types of Companies, Funds and Family Office Investors.

Our goal is always to find a balanced Equity to Loan structure where the debt is easily serviced with low risk and a strong covenant in place providing good to high net yields.

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