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Assistance in strategic real estate decision-making by means of the comprehensive analysis of available options

Real estate companies

Feasibility study and asset optimization

Definition of optimum product according to planning

Market, technical and financial analysis.

Business Plan for Real Estate Companies

Optimization plans for corporate head offices

Financial institutions

Business Plan

Potential asset lifespan

Exit strategy and sales process

Potential value and anticipated returns


Investment funds

Current and potential valuation of asset

Analysis of market supply and demand

Asset business plan

Capex and urban development estimate

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Financial, technical, legal and operational management of any type of real estate asset or portfolio

Asset Management

Financial management: budgeting, invoicing and collections

Legal management: licenses, insurance, relationship with Authorities, advice on contracts and renegotiations

Operational management: working standards, incident resolution and reporting

Facility Management

We perform the comprehensive management of company infrastructure and services as the user of the workspace.

Optimization of the trade-off space / persons / processes, making full use of the area and its resources to improve the performance of the principal activities of the company

Cleaning, security, maintenance of installations, management of refurbishment and operational services.


Technical consultancy

We provide effective solutions thanks to an accumulated knowledge of more than 20 years experience in property management.

Technical auditing

Due Diligence

Cost optimization

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Consultancy advice on investment and divestment projects for all types of real estate assets and portfolios


Search for alternative investment options

Financial / real estate analysis

Appraisal and business plan

Due Diligence

Advice on negotiation and closure


Asset / portfolio analysis

Definition of the strategy

Design of the structuring of the sales process

Access to the potential market

Negotiation and closure of the transaction


Sale & lease back transactions

Structuring of the transaction

Design of the optimum conditions for the lease contract

Analysis of the implications of contract clauses

Detailed knowledge of the product sought by the market

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Strategies for real estate assets, mortgage and corporate debt, as well as asset optimization and asset/debt swaps.

Financial & strategic consultancy advice

We guarantee the in-depth study of each business unit, the detailed analysis of the portfolio and the possibilities for development in current and potential market situations.


Strategic plan

Review of transactions and business plans

Advice on corporate transactions

We offer our clients specialized financial-real estate advice throughout the entire process.

Fund raising: share capital / shareholder increases

Sale and purchase of companies


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 Access to the majority of  Banking Institutions  to negotiate and provide optimal financial gearing.

Advice on corporate transactions

Our goal is always to find a balanced Equity to Loan structure where the debt is easily serviced with low risk and a strong covenant in place providing good to high net yields.

 We formulate and carry out strategies for the management and/or divestment of real estate assets, mortgage and corporate debt, as well as asset optimization and asset/debt swaps.

Debt advisory

Restructure of debt and in negotiations with bank institutions.

Advice on the sale and purchase of performing and non-performing debt

Debt restructuring

Search for financing

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